The Definitive Guide To Podcast Intros

Podcast introductions are an important attribute of a successful podcast,

The right introduction sets the podcast on its way to success.

These seven tips will help your podcast build and retain an audience:

  1. Engage listeners quickly.
  2. Make every second of a podcast intro count.
  3. A good podcast introduction keeps the audience engaged.
  4. Test the podcast introduction to retain the audience.
  5. Three things are essential for a podcast intro.
  6. Podcast intro builds loyalty.
  7. Where to get music for podcasts

Let’s dig into each one and see how you can make it work for your podcast.

1. Hook the Audience Faster

Erin Sparks Of edge of the web radio podcast Says there’s a subtle but important value in the podcast introduction when it says “click browsing.”

Erin suggests that the intro acts like a hook—to grab the listener’s attention and intrigue them immediately.

He shares this insight:

“The audio ‘hook’ is key to podcast click browsing. While walking through the podcast app, people will click for 7-10 seconds to hear if they ‘feel’ the show.

Very different than any other means.”

of Chris Brogan Creating a Brand Podcast Agreed that the podcast introduction should be short.

He shares these insights on the merits of a useful podcast introduction:

“I’m a big fan of abbreviations. Once you hear it more than twice, it’s boring for everyone.

An introduction should set the mental stage for what is happening.

Choose music and words that emulate the show. ,

2. Make Every Second of a Podcast Intro Count

George Hermidaprogram director WMR.FM And Cannabis Radio PodcastIt sees that it’s important to give listeners a reason to stick around for a podcast, but to do it in the shortest amount of time.

There’s absolutely no time to waste in your podcast intro, he says, so it’s so important to make every second count.

he shares:

“Podcast listeners, like anyone else, have short attention spans.

You must give listeners a reason to listen to your content within the first 30 seconds.

Whether you create a cold opener or you are going to talk about the program, you need to satisfy that listener immediately.

Make the introduction such that every listener has a short attention span because in my professional experience, they will either stop and listen to your show, or they will leave and find another show to listen to. ,

3. Podcast Intro Builds Audience Retention

Azeem Ahmed Of Azeem Digital SEO Podcast shares that a good podcast introduction will help retain an audience, as well as encourage engagement and loyalty.

This is an element of transformation theory, where even seemingly insignificant elements can encourage or discourage the action we are looking for.

A classic example is a PPC arbitrage marketer maximizing the number of sales for each click.

Affiliate PPC Marketers They quickly succeed or go out of business depending on how well they convert each visitor.

This person found that locating a mobile device and adding an “iPhone friendly” or “Android friendly” badge increased their conversion rates at a measurable rate.

The follow-up insight suggested by Azeem is similar.

He added that podcast introductions have the same effect of encouraging a user to click for a podcast and stay or leave.

And for this reason, it’s important to view intro as a configurable asset that can be used to improve audience retention.

Azeem shares how podcast introductions are important for retention rates and engagement:

“People will get bored with the repetition, and regardless of your podcast format – the idea is to engage the listener.

If you lose them within the first 30 seconds, you’ll likely see a drop in retention rate and engaged audience. ,

4. Test Podcast Introductions for Audience Retention

Azeem further shares that one way to improve retention and engagement is to experiment with new intros and outros.

He shares this tip:

“As a host you should change it sometimes.

Customizing the introduction each time is basically an option to test what works best.

For example, you can ask people to subscribe to a few episodes of Intro vs Outro and see which develops the most. ,

5. Three Things A Podcast Intro Must Tell

Sparks provides useful information about what needs to be communicated in a podcast introduction.

He shares how introductions should communicate “What’s in it for me?“Proposal to the listener.

“What’s in it for me?” Exploring the tried-and-true theory of answering the question of why is a great way to think about how to create a podcast introduction that is useful to the listener.

Therefore, it makes sense to apply that approach to podcast introductions to remind a listener why they are there, which can make them better at what they do, from catching up on industry news, to entertainment. for, etc.

Here’s what Sparks shares:

“Provides a good introduction:

  1. In the first five to seven seconds a promise to the listener (an exchange of knowledge that describes what they are about to receive).
  2. Sonic Branding.
  3. Reliability, relevant context of subject matter expertise.”

6. Podcast Intro Builds Loyalty

Jim Hedgerco-hosts of popular Webcology SEO PodcastSuggests that podcast introductions help create a sense of familiarity and ownership about a space.

I’ve noticed that people feel a sense of ownership in a website they enjoy, perhaps because the site may be part of their self-identification as a baker, player, or whatever the subject may be.

Ever go to a favorite restaurant and immediately get a sense of comfort or anticipation?

It is a sense of ownership of an experience, that the experience is yours and it is yours again.

Heder says a podcast introduction can have a similar effect, bringing a sense of comfort and anticipation that one feels in physical spaces that create a loyal and connected feel.

He sees:

“I once read that people are not as loyal to restaurants as they are to the places they feel comfortable in.

The same can be said for podcasts.

Like radio, podcasts are also the theater of the mind. Your introduction is the breath that first of all you, your guests, and the audience together will create space.

Podcasts are incredibly intimate. I think you need to feel love for your audience and have a deep respect for the topic and your introduction is your first chance to establish it.

The job of a host is to help the audience develop an area in which they and the host are virtually in the same place. ,

7. Where to Get Music for a Podcast Intro

One thing to keep in mind is that any music used must be licensed.

There’s an idea that it’s okay to use a little bit of someone else’s music, but it may not be.

And if you are moving in this direction, then it would be wise to first check with a lawyer.

The podcasting professionals who consulted for this article all agree that it is important to purchase a license for the rights to any music used within the podcast.

Everyone agrees that it’s best to license the royalty-free podcast Intro Music because it protects against claims of copyright infringement.

Hermida Share:

“Our music is licensed, and most other podcasts use some sort of licensed music from other licensed music providers for some original music that doesn’t suffer from any copyright issues.

It doesn’t really matter where the music comes from except I would recommend always making sure you use the music you are allowed to use and that the license to use the music is documented and proven can be done. ,

Sparks also recommends paying for a license to use the music:

“We have several music licenses that we’ve used over the years.

We highly recommend reviewing the various sound stores and using them to build that sound brand.

The places to license music are Envato Elements, Epidemic Sound, and so on.

We also have continued license with our deep voice announcer, our voice-over talent.

That’s something to consider as well when you’re developing a long-term show. ,

Brogan recommends:

“The pandemic sound works fine. Buy a license. ,

Always read the license when choosing a digital music asset to be aware of what you can and cannot do with music and for how long you are entitled to use it.

  • pandemic sound , Many podcasters cite Epidemic Sound as a good place to buy licenses for music.
  • Envato Elements A source of high quality licensed, royalty free music suitable for podcast introductions.
  • Shutterstock Music – Shutterstock is known for their stock photography library, but they also offer royalty free music especially for podcasts, a license that is suitable for use in podcasts Cost $49.
  • Music Bakery Offers royalty-free music where you pay for it once and can use it anywhere, but be sure to read the license agreement to know exactly what you’re paying for.
  • instantmusicnow Offers digital downloads starting at $4.95.
  • adobe stock music library – Adobe provides royalty-free music that can be used in many projects.

Podcast introductions are important

At this point, it should be clear that something as minor as a podcast introduction is actually part of the foundation of a successful podcast.

Obviously, the content of a podcast is the most important quality of a podcast.

Still, as important as the content, it is the podcast introduction that sets the stage and makes listeners feel like they’ve arrived at their happy place, as well as conveying what’s in it for the listener, which Encourages them to stick around for material.

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