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We’ve been spending time with the best Galaxy S22 Ultra and now that we’re back in the office there are transit and access cards to take with the phone. New Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 case An affordable case that holds up to three cards and a few bills.

Accessories for mobile devices are also available at Smartish and some items are sent to try out. These include: cable wrangler, charge island wireless chargerAnd crown joule Universal charging cable. All products are affordable and built to last as well as cables that come with a lifetime warranty.

Wallet Slayer Vol. 1

Samsung Pay and Google Pay on the Galaxy S22 Ultra mean you can leave your credit card at home and use your phone for various payments. However, you may still need to carry a driver’s license, transit card, and door access card. Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 There is an option that provides a card holder with enough room on the back for three cards and a bill or two. I personally tested it with my driver’s license, ORCA transit card, building door access card, and a folded $20 bill. Even if you only carry one card, there’s a design on the inside of the case that puts downward pressure on the card so an even card stays securely in place.

The card slot has a wide opening for cards with a smaller opening on the left, designated as the thumb slot, so you can push the card from the edge of the card to the opening. The card slot is integrated into the back of the case, making the back of the case thicker. One downside of this type of wallet case is that wireless charging doesn’t work with your phone in the case.

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The case material is flexible and also has textured sides with integrated grips designed for your fingers. Raised buttons also make activating the volume or power button quick and easy. The edges and corners of the case are well protected and as you can see inside the design has a shock absorption system.

There is ample rear camera cutout so that using the camera is not affected in any way. The edges also help protect multiple cameras. When you lay the screen face down on the surface, the edges also rise above the display to protect the screen.

Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. The 1 is available in one solid colour, Black Tie Affair and three Fresh Paint options. The black case is $19.99 and the others are $24.99. Fresh Paint models have colorful rear back panels and include Flavor of the Month (a very galaxy-looking design), Chef’s Special (grey wood look), and Freshly Baked (green leaf pattern).

cable wrangler

Part of a mobile tech enthusiast’s life is dealing with too many cables. Here’s one way to organize your cables Smartish Cable Wrangler, This $19.99 accessory is a fabric-coated block with strong magnets inside and a rubber coating on the bottom to keep it from sliding around the surface. The stylish block has some weight so it won’t be affected by cables.

The ends of your cables rest on the block so you can easily locate and grab the end. If your selected cable doesn’t hold tightly enough to the block, the Smartish includes three magnetic collars that you can attach to the cable. It’s a very simple tool but has proven useful for organizing my cables over the years.

crown joule

Speaking of cables, the Smartish six-foot . offers crown joule Universal charging cable featuring USB-C, Lightning and MiniUSB, ends to fit any mobile device. Cable No. 2 is available in Pencil Gray (Aren’t Pencils Yellow?), Lightly Toasted Beige, Teal Me More, and I’m Blushing for $19.99 (a popular price on Smarties).

Cable wrapped with strong cloth should prevent cable failure and if there are any problems, the cable has a lifetime warranty. It’s a convenient six-foot-long cable, so it works in multiple areas to get power to your desktop or bedside.

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The primary end has a microUSB end so if you have a microUSB device just plug the cable directly into the device. There’s a short cable coming out of the side of the microUSB part, with the USB-C end and the Lightning end on either side. On the opposite side of each is an opening with a port for a microUSB. You just insert the MicroUSB end on the back of the cable type you need and voila you are to go.

The primary power supply end of this cable is USB-A, so more and the A/C charging bricks move to USB-C, we can issue a new cable. Smartish has one USB-C to USB-C Cable OptionsBut as a person who uses multiple devices, I like the multiverse universal cable option.

charge island

Another useful mobile accessory available from Smartish is charge island Universal wireless charger. It’s available for a reasonable $29.99 for the Black Tie Affair color and $34.99 for Flavor of the Month, Chef’s Special, and Fresh Baked Colors. You can even personalize it for $44.99.

The large octagon-shaped charging pad delivers up to 15 watts of wireless power. The USB-A to USB-C cable is provided along with a USB-C connector on the back of the charge island.

I like to set my phone on the wireless charger on my nightstand but hate when a bright LED light flashes while the charger is charging so be selective about my charger in this location. The Charge Island has a charging indicator light, but it turns off after a few seconds so you can sleep happily.

The bottom of the charger has ventilation openings so it doesn’t overheat while charging your phone, headset, or any other accessory. There are also substantial rubber feet to help you place the charger on the surface of your choosing.

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