SERP Trends & Top Keyword Data By Industry [Webinar]

Do you understand your audience well?

Do you know how they search and where they spend time online?

Do you know which search trends and keywords to look out for this year?

register now To learn more about SEO metrics in different regions, especially in the US and UK, which can help you make more data-driven decisions.

you will find:

  • SERP Features by Industry.
  • Fastest growing industry in engagement metrics as well as organic search traffic.
  • Keyword difficulty by region and region.

Many businesses fail to take advantage of emerging trends, resulting in sluggish results and stagnant campaigns.

Help your business rise above the rest.

Join Gerald Murphy, SimilarWeb’s Senior Solutions Business Manager, for an informative webinar on May 4th at 2PM ET.

He’ll dive into which industries are growing, which are declining, bounce rates, and other important benchmarks for SEO success.

During a live Q&A session, you will have the opportunity to discuss your particular situation.

Can’t create live webinars? We’ll send you an on-demand version after the event if you register now,

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