seoClarity Acquires RankSense

Enterprise SEO platform seoClarity announced the acquisition of SEO automation company RankSense.

RankSense Scaled SEO solutions perfectly complement seoClarity’s offerings.

Here’s what the acquisition means for users.

SEO Clarity

seoClarity is an enterprise level SEO platform used by major companies to help them improve and execute their SEO strategies. It includes advanced site auditing technology and AI-based insights.

The platform provides ranking analysis, keyword research, NLP, and AI-based content marketing analysis and insights, technical SEO audits, and automated reporting.

It is used by companies such as Zillow, Expedia and Orbitz, and more than 3,500 other brands and agencies.

According to the SEOclarity website:

“Our SEO software brings all enterprise SEO tools together to deliver actionable insights, powered by Clarity Grid™.

It leverages petabytes of data with AI to deliver the smartest insights for your organic search and content performance.”


RankSense is a company founded by Hamlet Batista, a man who was a popular and much admired member of the SEO community.

Ranksense is an SEO automation platform that detects SEO problems, implements solutions and tracks performance. Its product is a good match for enterprise-level organizations, especially those with thousands of pages, that seoClarity also services.

For example, RankSense can automate the process of creating search optimized title and meta description tags, which is important for websites that have a large number of pages, allowing a company to scale its SEO.

Ranksense analyzes web pages and is able to automatically summarize thousands of pages using its natural language processing technology.

After optimization is applied, RankSense will next track performance to provide data to confirm whether optimization is working.

With regards to title and meta description customization:

“Our proprietary natural language generation tool can summarize content on a page for hundreds or even thousands of pages.”

a natural match

RankSense is a natural match with seoClarity as both focus on automated solutions that measure SEO for large companies and websites.

The wife of RankSense founder Hamlet Batista, Odette Martinez, is quoted as commenting:

“Hamlet had a passion for solving the search industry and SEO challenges.

His contribution was vast and generous, and this move by seoClarity ensures that his vision and legacy will carry on. ,

Mitul Gandhi, co-founder and chief architect of seoClarity, looks forward to adding RankSense technology to seoClarity:

“This acquisition of Ranksense’s technology and IP adds another set of capabilities to our ClarityAutomate platform for enterprises… It is our vision of providing the most complete SEO technology to test, execute and automate challenging SEO projects at scale. paves the way for perspective.”

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