Search Engine Journal Promotes Miranda Miller To Senior Managing Editor

It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I announce the promotion of editorial and content strategy champion Miranda Miller to the rank of Senior Managing Editor.

While this promotion actually took place in January, having recently joined SEJ, I wanted to celebrate Miranda’s growth and leadership within the organization.

In this role, the areas of his ownership will include key elements of SEJ’s editorial operations in this advanced role, including its rich academic and evergreen material,

“The word that comes to mind is blossom,” said Janice Uhera, CEO of SEJ’s parent company Alpha Brand Media.

“Miranda worked across inefficiencies and challenges, as well as in organizational management, cross-department collaboration, and business process design.”

An exceptional writer and editor, Miranda also brings considerable experience and expertise to content strategy.

Over the past several months, Miranda has truly shone as an organizational leader, working to rapidly develop SEJ’s editorial blueprint, talent, and operations.

“And all the while, Miranda somehow kept the cranks publishing extraordinary content and breaking news,” Janice said.

“I’m thrilled to see Miranda joining so quickly and taking on a meaty lead role.”

Having followed her work since joining SEJ, I can personally speak to Miranda’s editorial team of diverse knowledge—not to mention publishing at large.

“I joined SEJ in early 2021 to help lead the editorial team in a period of great growth and opportunity,” Miranda said.

“We have been able to increase specialist and educational content production by over 60% while also introducing a data-driven approach to content strategy and optimization,” she said.

This year, we will be publishing 50% more eBooks than in 2021, and our contributing author program has grown to over 130 digital marketing and SEO experts with their guidance.

Prior to moving into the house, Miranda spent more than 15 years leading her own marketing agency, which served clients comprehensively as the world’s leading polar expedition company, fintech And app startupFortune 100 companies, and many government agencies.

She has been a prolific ghostwriter for brands and executives in SEO, tech, and finance, and has written thousands of articles for clients that have appeared in the most well-known B2B publications, tech magazines, and mainstream media.

As editor-in-chief, I am excited to see Miranda’s leadership make an undoubted contribution to SEJ’s ongoing substantial growth.

SEJ’s brand and content offerings continue to grow to serve an audience of marketers and business leaders – and there has never been a more inspiring or invigorating time to grow, promote and be part of this remarkably talented team .

“The quality of content has always been my number one priority, and so it’s refreshing to see this is a shared value across the SEJ team,” Miranda said.

“I love seeing new eBook formats and article type We are creating and truly looking forward to continuing to innovate and teach, to bring you the most useful and useful educational content for SEJ audiences. ,

Miranda is a part-time digital nomad and runs a location-independent content studio for enterprise organizations.

Three to four months out of the year, she works in cafes and areas around Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.

“But not at the beach,” Miranda says. “It’s a myth. Ever had sand in your laptop? No Bueno.”

At her home base in Georgian Bay in Canada, she is the wife of a talented chef; mother of two cubs, two shepherds, and three budgies; and patron of the local live music and literary scenes.

She is also a big fan of Adrienne Marie Brown, Lizzo, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Margaret Atwood, AOC – and hockey.

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