Revitalizing Teeth Through Tissue Regeneration

Vivek Kumar, a bioengineer at NJIT, said.

To find a solution to this threat, the researchers created an injectable hydrogel designed to recruit a person’s own dental pulp stem cells directly into a disinfected cavity after a root canal.


Composed of biocompatible amino acid peptides that aggregate into fibers, the hydrogel delivers biological cues to direct tissue growth, as well as a scaffolding structure to support it.

There are currently no FDA-approved technologies that successfully restore native dental pulp.

Tissue outside the empty canal, when poked, forms blood clots that secrete a protein called growth factor that signals cells to produce new tissue to support the root . While some regrow, it is disorganized, lacks essential tissue differentiation – including nerve cells – and fails to mimic soft tissue.

Hydrogel therapy may help an injured tooth

In contrast, the research team’s hydrogel therapy mimics the body’s growth factor signaling, and, combined with the known antimicrobial mechanisms engineered in those materials, is able to promote tissue healing and regeneration.

In early animal clinical trials, Injection of the team’s hydrogel to dogs showed soft tissue formation from the top of the tooth to the crown within just one month,

One of the main challenges facing tissue engineers is creating a blood vessel, the plumbing that provides nutrients to regenerated cells.

To address the problem, the team’s hydrogels contain a protein known as vascular endothelial growth factor that stimulates the growth of new blood vessels.

In a separate study, the group tested a different hydrogel containing only the antimicrobial peptide. The results showed that in combination with peptides that promote the growth of blood vessels, it was able to form scaffolds that served both important functions.

Going forward, they plan to combine and test both treatments in a single hydrogel.

Source: MadeIndia

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