Reddit Makes Comments Searchable

Reddit is rolling out a series of updates to its search capabilities that include the ability to search for comments and return more relevant results.

For the first time in Reddit’s existence, everything is searchable. You can use its on-site search bar to find users, posts, communities, and now comments.

Reddit search is getting smarter too, with an algorithm that understands search intent and incorporates new ranking signals.

In addition, Reddit is enhancing its search experience with a new user interface.

Here are more details about the Reddit Search update launching today.

reddit search comments

Reddit users now have an easier way to find comments, and can also refine searches to find comments within specific communities.

Before today, users had to click on posts and manually scroll through comments to find feedback relevant to what they were looking for.

Users can now enter a query in the Reddit search bar and use the new Comments tab to more efficiently browse the threads’ replies.

Reddit makes comments searchable

According to a survey conducted by Reddit last year, the ability to search for comments was one of the top requested updates.

more relevant search results

Reddit is making a number of adjustments to how it returns search results, which are said to make the results more relevant.

Adjustments to Reddit search include:

  • less restrictive matching: 100% The text of a post does not have to match in order to return a query result.
  • Understanding search intent: Reddit will change how it orders search results based on search results.
  • new ranking signal: Users’ clicks and interactions on search results is now a ranking signal for Reddit search.

In an announcement, Reddit further explains how its new user interaction ranking signal works:

“For example, if 30 other people searched for ‘succulents’ clicked on the result for the fourth post, we were more likely to show the fourth post at the top of the results the next time someone else searched for “succulents.” have chances.”

new user experience

Reddit is updating its search results pages on mobile with a simpler design.

Reddit makes comments searchable

Along with the cosmetic update, the layout of Reddit’s search results pages has been updated to prioritize posts over other content types.

In an effort to make Reddit search safe for all users, it minimizes the number of unexpected results by understanding the intent of the searcher.

Preliminary testing indicates that users are happy with the new experience. In the first quarter of 2022, Reddit saw a 20% increase in people using the search bar from Q4 2021.

These updates, including the ability to search comments, are available on Reddit as of today.

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