PSA: You need two Switch Online accounts to earn dual Switch Sports progression

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Nintendo Switch Sports Progress is a bit confusing, and we covered it a bit in our review. However, there are a few other wrinkles to be aware of.

Dual. You need two online subscriptions for switch games progress

It’s not something I normally think about since my family has a family plan for Switch Online, but As Reddit user Helmmeimathroaway points out: You will need two Switch Online subscriptions to proceed with both accounts Nintendo switch games,

So breaking it down, you are able to play online with two people on the same console. But both accounts need to pay for a premium Switch Online subscription to actually earn the rewards. If only the primary account is a paying member, the secondary account will not earn rewards. Given that playing online is the only way to really earn anything in-game, this is an important thing to note.

These kinds of limitations exist in some games, and not in others, as far behind as the original Xbox or PS2. I’ve seen “both players can play for free,” or “only one of them can play,” or “both players can earn rewards,” and so on. With Nintendo, it’s always a grab bag in terms of what you’re going to get with playing online.

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