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For Abhishek Tripathi of the panchayat, there were many sparkling nights in the ‘Sleep’ village of Phulera. The character played by Jitendra Kumar aka Jeetu, a regular of The Viral Fever in the Amazon Prime Video series, is tough in the boring village of Uttar Pradesh.

His day begins by bathing under a handpump, pacifying the agitated village people as the Panchayat Secretary, and solving quantitative analysis (quantity) questions for MBA admissions under the twinkling ray of an emergency light. ends with.

“It is difficult to live in a village,” says Jitendra, who is returning as Abhishek in the second installment of Panchayat. ” However, Chandan Roy has a different opinion. The actor who plays the innocent, bright-eyed Vikas hails from a village in Mahnar, Bihar.

“I wouldn’t mind if I had to stay in the village. Phulera is no different from my Bihar village. All the people I saw there are very similar to the characters of the show. I think I can in any circumstance… eat bottle gourd too, if I have to,” he says hesitantly.

If the series had to overcome Abhishek’s displeasure it would have been in the form of a gourd. When it comes to welcome gifts or bribing a government employee, the solution of the village head or headman (played effortlessly by Raghveer Yadav) is simple: a home-grown gourd. In the series, Jitendra’s character can be seen peeling vegetables irritably. However, it seems the actor has developed a taste for gourds.

“After panchayat, I started liking gourds,” says Jitendra. “During the Covid-19 lockdown, I grew vegetables in my house. Home grown vegetables definitely taste better. I am from Rajasthan and curd made from bottle gourd is popular there. I never liked it growing up, but now I’m savoring it.

Not only green vegetables in Phulera, love is also growing slowly. After the cliff hit the edge of the water tank in season one, Jitendra’s character may have found a reason to stay back in the village. “This season love will blossom for Abhishek. But don’t expect any love songs,” he quipped.

Panchayat may be the most ‘non-TVF’ show, but its first season is not devoid of a plot point where the humble Jeetu eventually loses it. In a comic scene, which is a callback to TVF’s pitchers, Abhishek wields a stick-like gun and intimidates a gang of miscreants.

There is no Bollywood hand-to-hand combat and the goons are more afraid of his fiery eyes than a gun. We ask Jitendra and Chandan if they ever had a fight. “Inter-school fights were common,” says Jitendra.

“Usually between private and government schools. Nobody really hit each other, it was mostly swearing and flexing.”

Chandan reminisces about his days in Patna College. “There was small disagreement over the price of eggs or auto fares. I was in a hostel and there was a lot of unity. If someone tells something to the hostel mate, we go for an all-out ‘war’. If it was a junior, we would have felt responsible for his safety. Now I feel that we had taken on too much unnecessary responsibility,” he recalls.

Apart from Panchayat, Jitendra is also a part of TVF shows like monochrome drama Kota Factory and spoof-comedy Bachelors, the second installment of which was released recently. The actor, however, remains elusive about the prospect of Pitchers Season 2.

“Only the producers can tell if there’s going to be a second season,” he says. Panchayat Season 2 will stream on Prime Video from May 20.

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