Meta Expands Ad Formats And Tools For Small Businesses

Small businesses are getting the attention they deserve from Facebook’s parent company Meta.

During National Small Business Week, Meta announced new ways for SMBs to leverage lead generation and share content.

The new tool aims to help businesses drive higher quality leads by identifying new ways to connect with customers.

Messaging and conversation features

Meta recently identified over 70% of people wanting to be able to communicate with businesses the same way as friends and family: through messaging.

In fact, businesses are also realizing the value of messaging customers. They have found that the ad format that opens WhatsApp chats is a great way for new customers to discover and interact with them.

With this new insight, Meta is creating ads for Facebook and Instagram that can be created directly from their WhatsApp Business app. Below is an example of the new experience.

An example of a Facebook ad created in WhatsApp.Image credit:, May 2022

The second messaging update is in the inbox itself. Meta is streamlining business communication by keeping all messaging tools in one inbox.

Your business’s inbox already has messages from Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct. Going forward, this will also include WhatsApp messages.

This integration can save you and your team time, money and efficiency.

The Ultimate Messaging update allows you to send promotional message ads to customers who opt for communication directly through the Meta Business Suite.

This update is the result of direct feedback from SMBs, which noted the need to respond to customer queries more efficiently.

Marketing messages within the Meta Business Suite can help you drive more sales and long-term customers without using additional tools.

Testing marketing messaging campaigns from the Meta Business Suite.Image credit:, May 2022

New Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition Tools

Meta is launching myriad new tools to help businesses capture and manage leads through the platform. These features include:

  • Quote Request in Instagram
  • Lead Filtering with Instant Forms
  • creative flexibility
  • gated material
  • partner integration

The quote request is currently being tested with selected businesses on Instagram. Essentially, it allows companies to add a “Get Quote” button to their Instagram profiles and stickers to their stories.

In the near future, lead filtering will be available for businesses. It will work by reviewing the answers to the multiple choice question.

Meta is also testing its Instant Form for more personalization. Selected businesses are able to test adding visuals and content to their Instant Forms, giving users more visual information.

Gated content will soon be available for companies to use. By creating gated content, SMBs can provide leads with resources after filling out a lead advertising form. This allows the user to be directly on the platform.


If you’ve had trouble leveraging Facebook or Instagram for your small business before, these tools are for you.

While all of these items are currently in testing, Meta is hosting a conference called Conversations on May 19th To discuss these further. Once registered, you will be able to find out more about the above tools and features.

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