Meta Adds Fundraising Features To Instagram Reels

Meta Instagram is bringing fundraising to Reels, allowing users to donate to more than 1.5 million charities in more than 30 countries around the world.

The fundraising at Reels was announced today as part of a series of updates focused on celebrating Earth Day.

Several influential people are currently showcasing new fundraising features to draw attention to environmental issues, the announcement said:

And with Earth Day, Meta is collaborating with Dave Byrd (aka Lil Dicky), Maggie Baird, Zhanna Bryant, and other public figures to raise awareness of nonprofits tackling environmental issues like climate change and sustainability. Used to be.”

History has shown that short-form videos are an effective way to raise support for non-profit and charitable causes.

Some of the most successful and recognizable fundraisers have used short-form video.

One of the most memorable examples, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, went viral on Facebook and led to the creation of Meta’s Social Impact Team.

Imagine how much more money could be raised in the future with the ability to donate by tapping a link on the video itself.

How to Build a Fundraiser on Instagram Reels

You can add a fundraiser to your Instagram reel on iOS and Android by following the steps below:

  • open instagram app
  • tap plus signature in the top right, then tap reel
  • record your reel
  • Tap next
  • Type and tap Caption add fundraiser
  • Select the nonprofit you want to raise money for
  • Enter the details about the reason and amount you want to raise
  • Tap complete
  • Tap share

You can go back and edit details like the end date and target amount once the fundraiser is created.

More about fundraising on Instagram

People can already raise money on Instagram through feed posts, stories, and livestreams.

While Instagram’s community is finding creative solutions to support nonprofits on the reels as well, there is now a dedicated way to do so.

As with existing fundraising options, Meta covers donation processing fees. That’s why all money raised using the fundraiser on Instagram Reel goes directly to the nonprofit.

A PR representative for Meta tells Search Engine Journal that environmental protection is one of the top three causes donated by Facebook and Instagram users:

“Globally, more than 4 million people have donated over $150M through Facebook and Instagram fundraisers to combat climate change and support environmental protection so far.”

Every little bit adds up, as most donations made on Instagram last year were less than $20 USD.

The top three reasons people donate on Instagram include:

  • well being of children
  • humanitarian relief
  • Environment/Animal Protection

The most popular nonprofits on Instagram, based on the number of donors to environmental causes, are: The Ocean Cleanup, the World Wildlife Fund, and the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

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