Marketing In The Metaverse [Podcast]

Got NFTs, Metaverse, and web 3.0 on your marketing radar?

In a world where digital and physical meet, the metaverse presents an unprecedented opportunity for brands.

Lisa Bayer of The Bayer Group joined me on the SEJ show to shed light on the metaverse and what it is.

We talked about this new range which is perfect for marketers who want their business in front of the consumers. And it’s only getting started!

Meta is not the metaverse. Meta is just one version of the metaverse. We can’t say what the metaverse will look like because we’re so quick. —Lisa Buyer, 8:42

NFTs are very popular as an art form right now, which is excellent when it resonates with art, but art also has to have some sort of utility, some sort of thing that comes with it. What uses and benefits will I get if I buy this NFT, or am I just buying a piece of art like I have a piece of art on my wall? —Lisa Buyer, 30:45

I see the whole Web3 movement as decentralized. I can’t remember it being that exciting since the internet started in the first place. -Lorraine Baker, 12:00

[00:00] – About Lisa and how she got started
[07:58] – Metaverse, Web 3.0, What is NFT and how can they help set up a business?
[09:07] – What does the metaverse look like today?
[17:29] – How is Snap doing with Augmented Reality?
[20:59] – What are NFTs, and how do they play a role in Metaverse Marketing?
[26:26] – How virtual events are organized.
[29:27] – Does NFT have a lead generation component?
[30:34] – Learn from an NFT investment use case as a marketer.
[34:01] – What are Creator Coins?
[39:23] – Web 3.0 influencer Lisa recommends the following.
[43:29] – How do wallets work?
[46:38] Where is a good place to learn about the metaverse.

Mentioned resources:
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Women’s World NFT –
Boss Beauties NFT –
Marketing to New Realities by Kathy Hackl

I see brands dedicating a portion of their marketing budget to buying NFTs in a community that aligns with that brand’s mission and vision.

So it’s a way to embed yourself as a brand. You have to do it the right way. It needs to be authentic and transparent, and you need to be able to spend time in the community with which you are aligning yourself.

Forget launching NFT collections. Simply find an NFT collection or community that is a good fit for your brand and invest in it.–Lisa Buyer, 32:46

The most popular NFTs you will see are people changing their avatars. They are great from a marketing perspective as people buy into these NFT projects because of the community. -Lisa Buyer, 22:39

NFTs are really a way for your community to invest in each other and trust in each other. So I think this is the next generation of community building. -Lisa Buyer, 36:12

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She’s also fond of digital life tools, so when she wrote Social PR Secrets (4th ed. 2019), it was no surprise that the book would be Guy Kawasaki’s foreword.

Lisa is the go-to person for today’s digital marketers. She blends traditional fundamentals with modern-day best practices and loves to share her knowledge at conferences across America.

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