LinkedIn Data Reveals What Type of InMail Gets Best Results

LinkedIn’s study of the website’s premium messaging feature InMail aimed to find out which types of messages get the best results.

The study analyzed millions of inmails sent by corporate employers across the world between May 2021 and April 2022.

In this study, the social media networking site studied five areas to determine which types of messages were most likely to elicit a response. It tried to answer the following questions:

  • Do longer or shorter messages work better?
  • What day of the week are you most likely to get a response?
  • Do personalized messages get better response rates?
  • Is “recommended match” more likely to accept inmail?
  • Are candidates more likely to answer “open to work”?

It found that InMail most likely to receive a response within 30 days was personal, with “recommended matches” sent on Monday or short messages sent to “open for work” users.

Short messages outweigh long messages

LinkedIn found that least Inmails performed the best.

messages less than 400 characters showed off 22% Better than average, the number decreased as the message got longer.

Those between the 401 and 800 performed 3% better than average, while those in the 801-1200 performed under 6%.

The longest messages with more than 1200 words performed worst, at 11% less than the global average.

However, most recruiters send long messages, with 90% of all inmail being above the 400-character count.

LinkedIn suggests shorter messages may perform better as users are receiving more outreach candidate driven market,

Inmails sent on Fridays and Saturdays get the lowest response rate

Data from LinkedIn showed that The day of the week didn’t play a big role in response rates, unless it was sent on a Friday or Saturday.

Every other day the global response rate fell to within 1% of the average, with Monday performing slightly better than the others.

Friday’s responses were down 4%, falling 8% from Saturday’s average. However, only 2% of messages were sent on Saturday.

Personalized messages Get more responses

According to the study, InMails sent personally almost performed 15% Better than those shipped in bulk.

It follows trends in general email marketing principles, which identify message personalization: #1 Strategy for Improving Engagement Rates,

Most likely to respond “recommended candidate” and “open for new positions”

recruiters who use LinkedIn’s Recommended Candidates are up to 35% They are more likely to respond to messages than those found by search alone, the study found. Candidates are recommended on the basis of relevant skills listed in the user’s profile.

The study also found that recruiters had the most success with candidates whose profile is marked as “open to work.” These users responded 37% more often than other candidates.

Source, LinkedIn Talent Blog

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