Laugh More for Overall Wellness

Laughter reduces many negative symptoms of stress. When you laugh, your body produces endorphins, which are feel-good hormones. These hormones make you feel good and keep negative emotions away. It’s no wonder you feel better after laughing.

Laughter is an easy way to take care of your heart. It doesn’t require drastic lifestyle changes, but it can motivate you to seek happiness in your life.

Laughter is an easy way to take care of your heart. It doesn’t require major lifestyle changes, but it can encourage you to find happiness in your life every day.

laugh like you

According to Dr. Manjusha Agarwal, Senior Consultant-Internal Medicine at Global Hospital, Parel, here are some ways laughter can help your heart health:

Strengthens the immune system:

Laughing increases the number of disease-fighting cells in your body, which makes you less likely to get sick or infected. If you become unwell, your body will be better prepared to deal with it.

reduces the risk of
heart attack:

When you laugh your heart rate increases and you take several deep breaths. It improves vascular function by allowing more oxygen-rich blood to circulate through your body.

Prevents heart disease:

Improved vascular function and circulation may also reduce your chances of being diagnosed with heart disease. If the blood flow is sufficient, your heart will continue to beat in a regular rhythm.

Aids in Weight Loss:

Cortisol, a stress hormone, can rise and have serious consequences for your health if you stress too much. High levels of cortisol in the body can cause rapid weight gain. Laughing not only reduces stress, but also burns calories. When combined with a heart-healthy diet and regular exercise, you’ll have a better chance of avoiding heart problems in the future!

Lowers blood pressure:

Your body relaxes, lowering your blood pressure, while endorphins are released to counteract the harmful effects of stress chemicals. The combination of these “feel good” chemicals and lower blood pressure elevates your mood, reduces anxiety and relieves heart stress.

improve your heart health

Increase your happiness and improve your heart health by adding more laughs to your life. Don’t know where to start? Try these tips to increase your chances of having a great time:

Go for stand-up comedy:0

If you watch a lot of crime episodes or dramas on Netflix, or if you watch a lot of news or sports on TV, make sure you watch a hilarious movie or stand-up comedy special over and over again. Find some local improv or stand-up comedy gigs and enjoy the firsthand experience.

Add to friends:

Spending time with good friends is the easiest way to smile. Organize a fun game night, preferably one that doesn’t involve Monopoly. To make sure everyone has a chance to participate, choose games that encourage group engagement, such as Charioteer or PEDIA.

Remember Memories:

“Do you remember the occasion when…” Looking back on amusing memories or recounting past events can be a great way to share special moments with others. Examine old photos and try to remember specific details from that time.

What made you choose that particular hairstyle? What was going on after all? What were you doing?

family get together:

When was the last time you all came together as a family? Plan a family outing or a quiet family meal. It is entirely up to you whether you want to spend time with your immediate or extended family. Instead of bringing up old family conflicts, focus on the present. This is a great time to reminisce or turn the evening into a game night!

Get a pet:

Consider getting a pet if you’re not laughing as much as you used to because you’re alone.

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