JLF Architects Announces May 2022 Release of New Book “Foundations” Published by Rizzoli and Featuring 16 Stunning Legacy Houses

Montana-based JLF Architects’ new monograph “Foundation: Houses by JLF Architects” debuts in May 2022 from Rizzoli New York.

The most sustainable thing we can do is to design a home that will be here a hundred years later.

JLF Architects announce the publication of the firm’s new book on 3 May 2022Foundations: Houses by JLF ArchitectsPublished by Rizzoli New York, written by Seabring Davis with JLF Design Build and with some 200 photographs by Audrey Hall, the “Foundation” presents 16 stunning JLF-designed homes in the mountains, on the water, in the woods and with remarkable views. Sets between the foothills of Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Idaho and New York.

Rizzoli writes of the book, “Breathtaking homes lovingly built with great materials and heritage methods, always presented in intense dialogue with nature, are described as “Modern Artifact” in a feature on Park City by “BigLife” magazine. Has already received praise from. Home from the book in the most recent Spring 2022 issue. And the “Big Sky Journal Home” applauds JLF Architects As a “Reputable Firm” [that] brings decades of experience to bear on rustic and modern design solutions” in his review of the book.

Challenged with building a Montana cabin to match the existing log structures on a century-old homestead property, from its first project nearly 40 years ago, JLF pioneered the idea of ​​reusing old materials. “Reclaiming the wood and rebuilding it in a new form gave rise to a movement in American architecture,” he writes in the introduction to “The Foundation.” “The early work sparked a revival of the craft that launched JLF’s time-honored design-build philosophy … the authenticity of materials with natural defects worn by axes, edgers, boot heels, horse hooves, and The elements seem to relate to the Montana landscape. The buildings appeared as if they had always been there, permanent and timeless.”

JLF has taken its history-rich designs in increasingly contemporary directions in recent years, continually pushing its boundaries to lead the way in what became known as Rustic Modern or Mountain Modern design. Bringing a fresh contemporary approach to old-world materials and methods, these JLF heritage homes maintain a relationship with the regional history and the land that resonates deeply with the homeowners, bringing up-to-date artistic craftsmanship to the highest level. Combined with up-to-the-minute sustainable technology. As the “Foundation” says, “Building a heritage home – big or small – with purpose is the definite reward… We build homes that span seasons, traditions, trends and generations with practical grace. “

“BigLife” spotlights a spectacular Park City, Utah, “project” by JLFbuilding dreamsAppropriately featured in the magazine’s PLACE section, it recognizes the firm’s commitment to design in concert with the distinctive history and landscape since that first cabin design in 1979, which it describes as “a form of instrumentality.” origin story and a pitch-perfect sense of place”. “JLF has become famous for the way that their projects are at home in their environments,” writes “BigLife” adding that Park City House “has a modern sensibility.” marries completely with the authenticity of the place” and that the new book “Foundations” “offers insight into the intention that goes into each JLF project.”

“Big Sky Journal” Analysis The “Foundation” in its popular annual Home issue, writing JLF Architects “is working to build in partnership with the land through environmentally responsible, artistic design” and new to summarize the firm’s philosophy. Have to share a quote from the book. Known for building “new 100 year old homes”: “The most sustainable thing we can do is to design a house that will still be here in a hundred years, a place where people gather for generations to come.” can be.”

“Foundation: Houses by JLF Architects” includes a foreword by author, filmmaker and conservationist John Heminway, which similarly sums up the secret of a JLF house: “A house must be perfect in every way. It should not be lavishly but Should impress with simplicity, authority and grace. Ideally, it is so thoughtfully located, designed and crafted that it appears to be the only imaginable structure for the landscape. Let others build the palace, as long as JLF does it for you One can build a home where, inside and out, you will feel better, be better… Dil Ka Ghar.”

About JLF Architects:

With over 40 years of experience, JLF Architects, a pioneer in building homes with vintage wood and indigenous stone, continues as a pioneer in creating sustainable heritage homes that contrast rustic materials with contemporary design. The award-winning Bozeman, Montana-based firm with offices in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Park City, Utah, applies distinctive solutions and old-world techniques to create location-based homes that are closely connected with the natural world and respect history. does. Rocky Mountains on East Beach. Winners of the “Mountain Living” Home of the Year, JLF Architects and the Big-D Signature Design-Build team unite passionate architects with dedicated builders to enable the collective imagination of visionary artisans working with forward-looking clients Can you visit for more information http://www.JLFarchitects.com and follow JLF instagram And Pinterest,

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