“It Means You’re Doing Something Right” | Gobert Continues To Climb Utah’s Record Books | Utah Jazz

Rudy Gobert’s talent knows no bounds.

In an already record-climbing – and hopefully record-breaking – season, France’s big man reached a new milestone on Wednesday night.

With a rebound at the start of the second quarter against Chicago, Gobert surpassed Mark Eaton for the number 2 all-time run in Utah history. With 6,951 rebounds and counting, Gobert still has a way of catching Hall-of-Famer Karl Malone and his 14,601 rebounds.

It’s been an interesting season for Gobert, one filled with many highs and some lows.

He staked his claim as one of the best defensive biggies out there earlier that year when he broke into the NBA’s top-50 in a career block—currently sitting in 47th place. He also made the All-Star team for the third time, all of which have been in consecutive seasons.

But it is his offense that has really taken him a step further, proving that he is much more than a threat on defense.

He has added a range of skills on the offensive side of the ball. From the Eurostep to the mini jumper and his ability to play in control and find the open man, Gobert has proved he needs someone to defend him on that end of the court.

His 15.4 points per game is the second-highest total he posted in his career, while his 14.8 rebounds per game is a career-high. He already has seven games this season with 20 or more rebounds, the most in the league this year and the most in his career so far.

Even with career numbers on both ends of the court, Gobert has faced more than his fair share of criticism throughout the season.

For some unknown explanation, NBA teammates, media members, and fans feel the need to take unsuspecting shots at the big man for the ninth year in a row. Despite three awards for Defensive Player of the Year (ranked second all-time), the four-time All-NBA center has been the subject of disrespect as some still question his ability to play in the league.

“Whatever,” quipped Gobert when asked.

This season alone, Gobert has shut down shots of Minnesota’s Pat Beverly and Anthony Edwards, several media members, Dallas head coach Jason Kidd and Golden State’s Draymond Green – one of the league’s top defenders.

In February, Green was in the news as an analyst for the All-Star Game when Gobert and himself were mentioned in the same sentence by the TNT crew.

“You keep referring to me in the same sentence with him. … We’re not alike,” Green said.

“You don’t like Rudy Gobert?” Kenny Smith asked.

“No, we’re nothing alike,” Green replied quickly, appearing disgusted upon comparison.

Gobert did what he has done several times in his career when asked about the buzz – he took the high road.

“I saw him. … It’s just noise to me,” replied Gobert when asked a few days later. “If anything, when people keep talking about you, if they’re talking about you in some way, that means you’re doing something right.”

But instead of speaking out of court, Gobert backed his words where it mattered most — and where respect is earned. He remains the leader of Utah, helping the Jazz make a push for the postseason as the organization has emerged as a legitimate title threat late in the season.

While Greene has slowly recovered from a back injury, Gobert has only cemented his position as leader to take him the prestigious Defensive Player of the Year award. If he wins it once again, he will tie Ben Wallace and Dikembe Mutumbo for the most time.

“If you’re the best in the world at something, people get insecure and try to defame you,” Gobert said. “People are going to try to defame what I do, what we do as a team. … my whole career has been like this. I will just keep winning awards, winning trophies and hopefully helping my team win something bigger than this.

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