Is Google Search Worse? Many Seem to Agree

One Reddit member asked if Google Search was getting worse and thousands of others responded overwhelmingly that Google Search was not showing what they were looking for. The SEO community on Twitter picked up on the discussion and largely agreed.

According to users, Google search quality has declined?

While some members of Reddit (referred to as Redditors) said that Google Search used to be worse and insisted that Google was better now, those who defended Google Search were in the minority.

Most of the commenters on the Reddit thread seem to have claimed that the Google search was worse and for a number of reasons.

articles with poor user experience

A common theme on Reddit was that Google was offering content with a poor user experience.

one sentence web page

An example of poor user experience are Google Rank list pages that force a user to click through to read an article one sentence at a time.

a Redditor commented,

“I’m no SEO optimization expert or anything, but I find the amount of fucking blog posts ridiculous when I see stuff. I think the worst offenders are sites that do “Top 10 of X THING” legitimately interested in you, but instead of listing them in order on the page, they use … slides …”

Every site on the SERPs wants to sell you something

Another common complaint was that sales were skewed by sites ranking for informational queries. This results in a situation where the search for information leads to sites that are advertising or selling a product.

a Redditor complained,

“Most results are just road maps to point you towards buying something rather than giving you information.

I discovered something the other day… something quite mundane and was just hoping to find intel on that.

Google gave me Amazon, eBay, Walmart and a bunch of other big box retail links. …I just wanted to know about this thing, I don’t want to buy… I’d use the Shopping tab if I wanted to.”

Another Redditor agreed, To write,

“Agree. What’s the point of keeping a shopping tab if everything is shopping?”

A later comment from another member found that searching for information about dental fillings resulted in a low-quality list of the best fillings to buy and other ingredients that could provide dental fillings rather than providing information about it. focused on selling.

scrolling pages to find content

Another form of poor user experience that was complained about were sites with an informational query that forced a user to scroll past paragraphs of content to reach the answer they were looking for. .

a Redditor Explained,

“The worst is when I’m looking for a release date, for example, and it’s a 5 paragraph article.

“You want to know the date? We’ll tell you the release date.

Just keep scrolling through these commercials to know the release date. ,

…irrelevant backstories

“Release date coming soon. Everyone is excited about the release date”

more ads

“Now a lot of people wonder what is the release date. We don’t currently have a release date.”,

Find Community Opinions on Google Search

Many people on the part of the SEO community agreed that Google Search is worse.

A representative tweet:

Another person opined that AI content creation was ranking heavily in Google.

He tweeted:

Big brands and clickbait dominate Google?

Others voiced their opinion that big brands and clickbait dominated Google search results.

He tweeted:

Why is Google Search worse?

Both the Reddit and Twitter communities were divided as to why Google Search was so bad.

Some blamed publishers for Google Gaming for ranking content that doesn’t answer informative questions or that provides a poor user experience.

Others blamed Google’s search algorithms because that’s what decides to rank poor-quality content.

A good example of the content and ranking problem can be seen in recipe search queries.

The recipe blogging community used to believe that Google only ranks long form content. In response, recipe bloggers published recipes containing lengthy and sometimes irrelevant personal anecdotes, forcing site visitors to scroll past paragraphs of irrelevant content to the bottom of the page to find what they were looking for.

It seems that the discussion eventually leads to this one question:

Are Google search results bad or is the content being published too bad these days?


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