Instagram Wants To Make Hashtags More Valuable

Instagram is testing ways to make hashtags more valuable by adjusting how top posts are ranked on hashtag pages.

Now, more recent and topical content will emerge in the section curating the top hashtags.

Previously, recent content was separated into its own tab. This means that the “Top” section may include content published weeks or months ago.

Instagram is removing the “Recent” tab because users can now find new content in the “Top” tab. The “Reel” tab will remain unchanged.

The company expects these changes to make hashtags more valuable to users, which is likely determined by a measurable increase in engagement levels.

As we will learn later, studies show that Instagram hashtags do not have a significant impact on engagement. Will changing the way the top posts are ranked motivate more people to engage with the content?

First, let’s look at how hashtag pages are changing.

Instagram is bringing up recent content in hashtag pages

In an announcement from Instagram’s communications team, the company explains what’s changing and why:

“We are trying some new things to make hashtags as valuable to people as possible. A few weeks ago, we launched destinations that help people connect with more information about social causes. , and now, we are going to try something new.

For a smaller group, we’re testing recent and topical content in the ‘Top’ and ‘Reels’ tabs in hashtags and removing the ‘Recent’ tab. We want to see if this helps people engage with more interesting and relevant content on the hashtag, as well as engage them with what’s going on.”

Instagram shares an example of how the new hashtag pages look.

As you can see, they look exactly the same minus the “Recent” tab.

Instagram wants to make hashtags more valuableScreenshot from, April 2022.

Streamlined hashtag pages are designed to help users find popular content that is also timely.

With vintage designs you can see quality content that may or may not be out of date, or recent material which may or may not be quality.

Now you’ll find recent, quality content when you search for hashtags.

Time will tell if this test produces the results Instagram is looking for.

Currently, there is no strong case for using hashtags on Instagram based on the value they provide.

Perhaps Instagram is taking note of the studies highlighted in the section below.

Study finds Instagram hashtags don’t increase post engagement

socialinsider It analyzed more than 75 million Instagram posts published in the past year to determine the relationship between hashtags and views.

The study concludes that there is no significant increase in the average engagement rate associated with the use of hashtags.

“…the number of hashtags of a post does not actually affect post distribution, which we calculated as the average engagement rate by impressions.

The data shows no significant difference in the average engagement rate by impressions of the analyzed Instagram posts, regardless of how many hashtags those posts contain.

More or less the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, will tell you himself if you asked him about the hashtag.

In fact, he answered a similar question in an Instagram Story last month, saying “not really” when asked if hashtags help with views.

The recording is no longer available due to the temporary nature of the stories, but social media pundit Matt Navarra took a screenshot:

What are hashtags for on Instagram?

The purpose of hashtags on Instagram is to categorize content. There has never been any claim from the company about the hashtag growing post-distribution.

However, it looks like Instagram wants to change that.

If you’ve stopped using hashtags on Instagram because they don’t provide any noticeable benefit, it’s time to reconsider using them.

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