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The stronghold of technology?

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Corporations want to be efficient and smart. In technology, they see the vehicle of both.

An algorithm here, a robot there, and everything will run more smoothly, right?

However, some companies seem to be doing better with more technology without significantly altering their operations. For example, Chick-fil-A is considered a perennial. Getting the best customer service of all fast-food chains, it is voted as Teen’s Favorite Fast-Food Chain,

Yet you haven’t heard that Chick-fil-A is embracing robots like long-lost friends.

Instead, despite twisted socio-political orientations of their ownersIt’s famous for good food, staff who say “my pleasure”—and sound like they mean it—and the traffic jams at its drive-thru.

They are often said to be the slowest when it comes to those drive-throughs.

Yet I found a video of a simple technique that Chick-fil-A has been using for over a decade, that somehow conveys the essence of the brand.

Posted on TikTok by Edgar SpamIn this, the video shows how a Chick-fil-A transports its drive-thru food once it’s made. A simple conveyor belt sends the takeout bags skyward. It then travels along the ceiling, through a gap in the wall, and toward the drive-thru. There, it descends a slide and heads straight into the hands of the checkout employee at the drive-thru.

The customer, of course, is oblivious. When you are hungry, you do not think about where the food comes from; You want it now.

This particularly rudimentary technique is apparently employed in about 1% of Chick-fil-A restaurants that have more than one drive-thru lane. it is been around 2006,

I must admit that when I saw the video, I admired its simplicity. I decided this must be the best use of technology by the chain so far.

Someone employed purely practical thinking to solve what might seem like a daunting problem.

Instead of developing an app, they also considered the use of space, an existing technology, and how that technology could be implemented for the convenience of customers and employees.

It made me quite hungry and reminded me of Yoshiaki Shirashi. It was his delightful mind that created Conveyor Belt Sushi, making it available to a wider audience.

He was inspired by moving bottles along a conveyor belt on a production line. By introducing sushi this way, it reduced the need for servers. Some might even consider their vision of sushi a marriage with fast food. that and opened its first conveyor belt restaurant in 1958,

Now Chick-fil-A, so many decades later, is still using it for a technology that’s clearly basic.

It’s a reminder that sometimes it’s the idea that matters first. Only then it is worth considering the technology of making it. It’s so much more helpful to reach for some kind of technology and then decide what to do with it.

The next time you feel like you need a robot to do something, maybe consider that what you really need is something a little more simple.

Yes, Chick-fil-A uses more advanced types of technology to speed up its operations.

But the company’s senior director of services and hospitality, Khalila Cooper, Told Nation’s Restaurant News: “Our technology is to facilitate interaction between people, and so if we can allow our team members to give a guest a warm welcome or that genuine smile, those are the types of things we do.” do” want to continue bowing again. ,

You almost forgot that fast food could be conversation between people, right?

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