How Much Revenue Are You Losing From Organic Traffic Declines?

Why is our traffic decreasing?

This is the question and concern that SEO professionals, marketers, business owners and stakeholders have.

Traffic = Customers = Revenue. We all know it.

Managing your site more effectively, making more confident business decisions, and winning over stakeholders can all be achieved by understanding the source of traffic loss.

On March 16, I conducted a sponsored webinar presented by Wayne Sichansky, Vice President of Search and Site Experience at iQuanti.

They share tips to help you diagnose traffic loss, figure out what might be causing it, and determine how to address it.

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Learn what causes a drop in traffic

Often, a drop in organic traffic is a combination of three triggers:

  • Change in rank.
  • change in quantity.
  • Change in CTR.

A general formula to consider is:

Keywords Volume x CTR = Traffic

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The key is understanding the elements, transforming, doing the math, and moving to solve it.

How to Spot an Algorithmic Drop

Knowing how to detect algorithmic drops empowers you to communicate with stakeholders in the organization and guide your teams to take necessary action.

Steady decline shows change in authority

How much revenue are you losing from a drop in organic trafficEquity, March 2022

The common reason for the steady decline is a change in authority.

Your site has either lost the rights (the link/referring domain) or your competition has acquired the rights.

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Sharp drops mean an algorithmic change

How much revenue are you losing from a drop in organic trafficEquity, March 2022

If your traffic is steady and then drops suddenly within a short period of time, it shows an algorithmic change.

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Learn How to Calculate Loss of Revenue

Let’s take a look at this problem statement:

Page A normally gets 12,120 visits per month but now only gets 7,244 which is a traffic drop of 59.7%.

The revenue loss during this period is $150,000.

When you add all of these together, you get credit for what happened.

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With the formula for on-demand webinars, you’ll be able to tell more clearly what percentage of traffic drops have decreased rank, volumeAnd CTR,

Being able to calculate loss of revenue gives you the intelligence and insight needed to make those informed decisions and communicate properly with stakeholders.

Or, if you’re a stakeholder, you can now let your team know which direction you want to move, based on how much it’s cost you and which areas of traffic have declined.

how to recover revenue

Understand what you can and cannot control.

Not all revenue may be recovered due to certain elements beyond your control.

  • Rank: repairable
  • Volume: beyond your control
  • CTR: Hard

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What to do if traffic is unreachable

By dividing the revenue loss by each contributing element, you can have transparency on how much revenue you can expect to generate.

Here are some questions and action points you can consider.

  • Did any other internal pages pick up traffic?
  • Where in the landscape did the volume move?
  • Redefine the intent of the dropped terms.
  • Data Mine Net New Vol.

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Traffic will drop for almost every website, so it’s wise to be prepared.

[Slides] How much revenue are you losing from declining organic traffic?

Here is the presentation:

How much revenue are you losing from declining organic traffic? From search engine journal

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