Google Scene Exploration Searches The World Around You

At its annual I/O conference held today, Google announced an upgrade to multi-search that handles simultaneous queries about objects around you.

With a new feature called Scene Exploration, Google tries to make search even more natural by combining its understanding of all kinds of information – text, voice, visual, and more.

it makes multisearch In Google Lens, introduced last month, and makes it possible to search through entire “scenes” at once.

Google demonstrated visual exploration with the example of a grocery store shelf, showing how it can quickly identify items that meet specific criteria.

How does visual exploration work?

It’s currently able to recognize objects in a single frame when you search visually with Google using multi-search.

With Scene Explore at some point in the future, you’ll be able to use multi-find to pan your camera and get information about multiple objects in a wider scene.

In a blog post, Google states:

“Imagine you’re trying to choose the perfect candy bar for your friend who’s a little chocolate connoisseur. You know they love dark chocolate but dislike nuts, and you want to make them something quality.

With visual exploration, you’ll be able to scan an entire shelf with your phone’s camera and see useful information stacked in front of you.

Visual exploration is a powerful breakthrough in our devices’ ability to understand the world—so you can easily find what you’re looking for—and we look forward to bringing this to multi-discovery in the future.

Google Scene Exploration Discovers the World Around YouImage credit:, Screenshot from May 2022.

During the Google I/O keynote it was stated that Scene Exploration uses computer vision to quickly combine the many frames that make up a scene and identify all the objects within it.

As Scene Explorer identifies objects, it simultaneously taps into Google’s Knowledge Graph to uncover the most useful results.

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