Google Ads Implements 3-Strike Policy Rule

If you are a Google Ads advertiser, you are likely to be hit by a rejected ad once in a lifetime.

Without the support of a Google representative, rejections are becoming more automatic and harder to appeal.

With the increase in ad rejection, Google announced updates to enforce repeated rejection violations. The enforcement will be effective from June 2022.

what’s changing

When you repeatedly violate certain policies, Google issues a strike against your Google Ads account.

To clarify, strike is not issued for every policy. The policies in which the strike system will be enabled are:

  • Compensated sexual act
  • mail order brides
  • clickbait
  • deceptive advertising design
  • bail bond services
  • Call Directories, Forwarding Services
  • credit repair services
  • binary options
  • personal loan

For some policies that are in enforcement, your Google Ads account will receive a maximum of three strikes. Google said that with each strike implemented, the penalty would progressively increase.

how does strike work

On the first and second strike of your account, your account will be temporarily suspended.

  • First strike: Temporary suspension of three days
  • Second strike: Temporary suspension of seven days

On the third strike of your account, this will result in account suspension.

Strikes will occur at the individual account level, not the manager account level (MCC).

How are strikes communicated?

If you are ready to receive email notifications from Google Ads and are on a specific account, you will be notified by email of the warning or suspension.

An in-account notification will also appear in the Alerts and Strikes interface.

Below is an example of the information you may receive:

An example of a Google Ads strike account communication.Image credit:, April 2022

How to Manage to Receive a Strike or Suspension

If your account is temporarily on hold, you will need to correct the breaches and rejections. In addition, you must submit a acknowledgment form,

By submitting the acknowledgment form to Google, you are agreeing to the following (per Google’s support article):

  • You are aware of the specific policy or policies that led to the strike on the account, that you have reviewed the policies in question, and you understand that additional violations of these policies may result in more serious action, including account suspension .
  • You have removed properties and ads that violate the Policies in question and you will ensure that future properties and advertisements will comply with our policies.
  • Creating additional accounts and/or attempting to circumvent Google’s policy enforcement is strictly prohibited and may result in account suspension

If you believe you have not violated a policy, you can submit an appeal form, which you can find at Here,

If your appeal is successful, the strike will be removed from your account and the account hold will be removed immediately.


For accounts that don’t fit into the categories above, you’ll likely be spared account breaches. However, it is still a good practice to check your account information regularly.

If you see an account violation, be proactive. Review, amend or appeal violations to remain in good account standing.

Source, Google

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