Fashion tips: From pastels to English tones or nudes, here’s how to select your dreamy bridal lehenga colour combination

Wedding lehenga is definitely a fantasy outfit for any young woman which she starts fantasizing about from a very young age when she sees other women at weddings around her. Variety of lehenga is ever-evolving in the wedding scene, where the customary red is a successful shade for your wedding troupe, but novel wedding lehenga colors such as pastels, English tones and nudes have long been on the rise and women pull off. There have been some shocking variety combos like red and green, pink and glitter, lemon and peach or even ombre and colorful lehenga, all with elegance and elegance.

Alia Diba, Founder, Ideebs London shares some fashion tips to choose the color combination of your dream bridal lehenga:

1. Know your skin color- Deciding on your skin tone is the first step in choosing the ideal lehenga variety. Maybe you’re fair, wheatish, or shady. Differentiate which classification you fall under and choose the lehenga variety accordingly.

2. Find out your under-skin tone – This is an important variable and there are basically two tones – warm and cold. In the event that your wrist veins are blue, you have cool undertones and in the event that they are green, you have warm undercurrents. If you’re cool, delicate colors like pale pinks, pale greens and pastels will work best. Whereas for warm hints – red, orange and yellow would look stunning.

3. Weather – The season in which you are getting married also matters while choosing the color of your lehenga. As such, in the event that you are the coldest lady of the year, you should make it a point to go for riskier varieties such as red, maroon or orange and in the event that you are a late spring-woman, generally mild. Choose lighter shades of varieties like pink, powder blue and a few more.

For lehenga color combination:

1. Blonde Brides – Concealers like Mint Green and Blue Eyes look great with lighter hues with cool tips. Red and azalea pink tones will make your face glow! Sun yellow, likewise, is a good variety for you.

2. Brides in Yellow – The pastel shades with a pop variety theme can warm up your complexion and look perfect on you. If pastels aren’t your thing, then, for the time being, stay within two tones of your normal tone and stay away from extremely dull and extraordinarily light colors as they can make you look neat. Choose from lilac, red, hot red, tart orange, chrome yellow and so on.

3. Body – Most of the Indian girls are honored with tan or medium tone. Stay away from light shades! They don’t usually compliment our more intense complexions. Choose a concealer like ocher yellow, maroon and olive green. Plus, colors like purple, rust and emerald will beat you up!

4. Dusky – Blues complexioned individuals can explore different avenues regarding extreme varieties that usually don’t look quite right with lighter colored varietals such as purple, Christmas green, wine and copper, so feel free to shop around! Using this variety of flavors you can have a stunning winter wedding.

Since it has become increasingly clear which tone to choose that best suits your complexion, check out the assortment to find out which variety goes best with your complexion. Test yourself.

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