Calus Bobblehead Locations In Destiny 2 Season Of The Haunted

The haunted season of Destiny 2 began on May 24—an Escalation Protocol-like activity and Derelict Leviathan brought more to the destination. Leviathan is as vast as ever, with many areas to explore – making it perfect for Easter egg hunts. The grand, golden bobbleheads of the Cabal Emperor Callus are scattered around the ship. In HELM BY THE CROWN OF SOROW, you can see which bobbleheads you need for your iconic Mannequins of Callas display.

helm bobblehead display

Collecting these progresses to the #1 Fan Triumph under the new Haunted Triumphs seal for the Reaper title. Players must collect all Callus Bobbleheads and display them on the HELM to obtain the Eidolon Exotic Ghost Shell.

week 1

Callus Bobblehead 1: Castellum

Castellum Callus Bobblehead Location
Castellum Callus Bobblehead Location

Castelum Bobblehead is easy to find, but hard to get to. After landing in the Castellum area of ​​Leviathan—which you can access from the Moon’s destination—exit the hallway and turn left. In front of a locked door there will be a small lever with a red light inside with a Castellum bobblehead. To unlock the door, you have to remove the Tier 3 Nightmare Control-Lockdown Protocol.

When the protocol is lifted, move the lever to unlock the door. The bobblehead would be on the floor of the smaller room. The door closes after a few seconds so be sure to catch it in time.

Inside the room Castellum callus bobblehead
Inside the room Castellum callus bobblehead

You can tell if you have door access by the chest cash waypoint inside the room once the lockdown protocol is lifted. The two doors unlocked by lockdown protocol are random, so if you can’t open the door, you’ll have to re-complete the Tier 1 to Tier 3 Nightmare container.

Callus Bobblehead 2: Pleasure Garden

Pleasure Garden Callas Bobblehead Location
Pleasure Garden Callas Bobblehead Location

You can walk from the central gate in Castellum to the Pleasure Garden. Go to the front of the room where the giant statue stands. This Callus bobblehead is hidden behind a giant statue. A side doorway to the Royal Pool will also lead you to the Pleasure Garden.

Callas Bobblehead 3: Royal Pool

Hole in the Ground at the Royal Pool Area
Hole in the Ground at the Royal Pool Area

Players can enter the Royal Pool through the goal gate in the Pleasure Garden or, after landing at Castellum, walk along the left wall and go down that gate. After arriving at the Royal Pool from Castellum, go to the room to the right of the bathing area. There will be a big, red lighted hole on the ground in the corner of the room. Jump through the holes and defeat the yellow-bar enemies to clear the way. You’ll find the Royal Pool Bobblehead at the end of the tunnel.

Callas bobblehead at the end of the tunnel at the Royal Pool
Callas bobblehead at the end of the tunnel at the Royal Pool

If you enter from the Pleasure Garden, you’ll end up in a room right in the bathing area. Just go to the right corner of the room and jump down the hole.

Callus Bobblehead 4: The Saver – Shame Mission

The fourth is inside the Bobblehead Saver – Shame mission. You can reach this mission by completing Phase 2 in the Seasonal quest Bound in Grief.

Manual Override Console in Saver - Shame Weekly Mission
Manual Override Console in Saver – Shame Weekly Mission

When you reach the manual override console, it will ask you to activate four manual override switches around the perimeter. The first lever is next to the console, and the other three locations will be marked—making it easier to navigate the puzzler area. An Immunity Incredible Nightmare will follow you this whole time, so be sure to dodge its attacks.

Taking the Wrench to the Saver - Shame Weekly Mission
Taking the Wrench to the Saver – Shame Weekly Mission

Callus is in a long, orange-lit shaft with bobblehead pipes and an electric barrier. To remove the barrier, go to the location of the wrench marked on the screen. Pick up the heavy wrench item and move it to the next marked location. Place it in its designated place to remove the obstacle. You can activate the manual override switch and jump the shaft to the platform at the top to grab the fourth bobblehead.

Saver - Shame Weekly Mission Bobblehead
Saver – Shame Weekly Mission Bobblehead

You can grab the bobblehead without removing the barrier, but it’s difficult because you need to lift the large pipes up carefully.

As there are more bobbleheads to be found in Leviathan in the coming weeks, we’ll update this guide as we spot them. The Haunted Season brings many new seasonal challenges, weekly missions, and Season Pass rewards. Plus, if you still haven’t got all the Lucent months from The Witch Queen expansion, it’s not too late!

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