Boeing 737-800 crash: Search teams find second black box of Chinese passenger plane

The search team found a second black box, believed to be the flight data recorder of the crashed Chinese passenger plane, official media reported here on Friday.

According to the official China Daily report, the second black box has been found.

Officials said the first black box, called the Cockpit Voice Recorder, (CVR), recovered earlier, is being decoded at a Beijing laboratory and data downloading and analysis is underway, officials said.

The second black box located in the rear of the plane was said to be the Flight Data Recorder (FDR).

The flight data recorder stores information about speed, altitude and direction as well as pilot actions and performance of critical systems.

Data from the cockpit voice recorder were eagerly awaited as China Eastern Airlines flight MU5735 crashed into a mountainous area after falling from an altitude of 29,100 feet to 9,075 feet in just two minutes and 15 seconds.

Zhu Tao, the head of the Aviation Safety Office of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, said the possibility of damage to the data storage unit of the cockpit voice recorder could not be ruled out for the time being.

Hu Xiaobing, a professor at China’s Civil Aviation University’s School of Safety Science and Engineering, told state-run CGTN that the crash was very unusual because of the vertical.

It appears to him, for some reason as yet unknown, that the pilot may have already fainted while the flight was taking off at a rapid pace.

A Boeing 737-800 plane carrying 132 people crashed on Monday in a village in Tengxian County, Wuzhou city. So far no one has been found alive.

Liu Xiaodong, head of the airline’s publicity department, told a press briefing that China Eastern Airlines, owned by the crashed airline and its subsidiaries, has temporarily grounded 223 Boeing 737-800 aircraft and the airline has initiated comprehensive safety improvements. .

Liu said all grounded aircraft are being tested and maintained to the highest safety standards to ensure they meet airworthiness requirements.

Liu said 305 family members of the 56 passengers on the crashed plane reached Wuzhou by Thursday morning, with more than 200 family members visiting the crash site.

Pieces of debris from the engine of a passenger plane that crashed on Thursday have been found.

The main impact point of the plane crash had originally been determined, Zhu said, adding that most of the aircraft’s debris was scattered within a radius of about 30 meters from the main impact point and extending from the surface to about 20 meters underground.

Zheng Xi, the head of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region’s fire department, said so far a total of 183 pieces of plane wreckage, some remains of the victims and 21 pieces of the victims have been found and handed over to the investigation team.

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