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Latin music is “no stop”. Words from Noah Assad, CEO of Rimas Entertainment, manager of independent Puerto Rican superstar Bad Bunny, speaking to MBW.

Assad’s comments come a month after MBW predicted that the recorded music market for Latin artists in the United States would generate more than $1 billion in revenue in the 12 months of 2022.

Today, we can reveal further evidence of the stratospheric rise of the Latin music sphere.

For the week ending Friday, May 13, Latin music scored its biggest week ever by worldwide stream on Apple Music, thanks to the release of two blockbuster albums, one from Bad Bunny and one from Musica Mexicana. From the star Eslabon Armado.

In the same week (as of Thursday, May 12), the broader Latin genre achieved its highest-ever weekly streaming in the US (across all platforms) of 1.82 billion on-demand audio (ODA) streams, according to Luminet data.

That total was 1.82 billion ODA enough to jump Latin music tops country music as the fourth largest streaming genre in the US (behind hip-hop, rock, and pop).

Bad Bunny’s, with 328 million first week ODA streams Un Verano Sin Ti The chart accounted for about 1 in 5 (~18%) of all Latin-style streams that occurred in the US during the week (ending May 12).

Now, speaking with MBW, Noah Assad, CEO of Rimas Entertainment, says he predicts that Latin music will “continue to grow”.

He simply says: “There’s no stopping it, you know? No one is stopping it.”

In the week ending May 13, United Nations Verano Sin Ti, Bad Bunny’s fourth studio album broke the record for most first week streams worldwide for a Latin album in Apple Music history.

The artist also broke the first week’s streaming record for a Latin song on Apple Music worldwide Moscow Mule,

eslaban armado the sadness, Meanwhile, Sangeeta Mexicana broke the worldwide first week streaming record for the album.

On Friday 6 May, Latin Music included 31 songs in Apple Music’s Global Daily Top 100, a record for the genre. The previous record was 21 Latin songs at the release of Bad Bunny. YHLQMDLG,

(Bad Bunny logged 22 songs on Apple’s Global Daily Top 100 on May 6, breaking the record for most entries by a Latin artist.)

The global explosion of Latin music — and of course the global success of Bad Bunny — clearly hasn’t been an isolated Apple Music event.

Spotify has already confirmed that on Friday, May 6, Bad Bunny became the most streamed artist globally on its platform in a single day, racking up . 183 million streams within 24 hours.

Bad Bunny was named as the most streamed artist in the world on Spotify for the second year in a row in 2021, having achieved the feat last year without even releasing an album.

Rimas Entertainment is a self-described independent “music powerhouse” consisting of a label and artist management.

It was launched by Assad in 2014, and in addition to Bad Bunny, Rimas’ roster includes streaming superstars like Jovel & Randy, Archangel, Eladio Carrion and more.

Bad Bunny signed with Assad’s Rimas in 2016, and in 2020, Rimas released three of his albums – YHLQMDLG, LAS QUE NO IBAN A SALIR, and EL LTIMO TOUR DEL MUNDO – the latter of which went on to hit No. The album became the first all-Spanish album in the world. 1 in Billboard’s Top 200.

Assad tells MBW that “everything we did with Rimas was out of love and passion for music, never realizing how big it could be”.

He adds: “While we were so busy working, and so involved, and so invested in what we love to do, we are now wonderfully aware of everything happening around us. Huh.”

“Everything we did with Rimas was out of love and passion for music, never realizing how big it could be.”

Noah Asad, Rimas Entertainment

The distribution of all Bad Bunny albums is handled by The Orchard by Rimas Entertainment. remas too made a new global deal Covered its catalog content and new projects with The Orchard in June 2021.

Speaking to MBW, Brad Naveen, CEO of The Orchard, says: “The partnership between Rimas and The Orchard is about constantly rethinking music release strategies, with fans always at the top, while also emphasizing that that boundaries no longer exist and great music is beyond language.”

He continued: “Latin music has always been a diverse and strong segment of the industry, with genres gaining traction outside of Spanish-speaking markets. Now, Bad Bunny is a mainstream global culture through authenticity, connectivity and its incredible talent. leading.”

“Bad Bunny is leading mainstream global culture through authenticity, connectivity and its incredible talent.”

Brad Naveen, The Orchard

According to Apple Music, streams for Latin have more than doubled on its platform in the past three years.

Musica Mexicana, in particular, has been one of the fastest-growing genres worldwide on Apple Music, growing more than 150% over the past three years.

Apple Music says plays for several Latin editorial playlists have seen triple-digit growth over the past year, including Por Simper Hits and Puro Pop, by 229% and 127%, respectively.

Speaking exclusively to MBW about the success of Bad Bunny on Apple Music, manager Noah Assad states that, “Apple has been heavily invested in its career from day one”.

He says: “They are always double, [even] Three times over that. [Apple] It has always been very important to understand him. as well as to understand their creativity and their art ethic, [they understand] when he has something on his mind.

,[Apple] Always help her to achieve whatever she has in mind and it is always a cross collaboration with them. We are very pleased with the partnership and look forward to [partners for] many years to come.”

According to Apple Music, several other Latin music records have been broken on its platform this year.

In March, for example, Rosalia broke the record for the biggest worldwide debut week for a female Latin album with her third studio album, motomami,

In February, Becky G. And Karol G broke the record for the biggest first week worldwide for an all-female Latin collaboration with her song MAMIII.

In March, Yahritza Y Su Essencia broke the record for the largest worldwide first week streams for a musical Mexicana song with music. soy el unico, It was also the biggest debut single in the history of the genre, and the biggest first week for a female Musica Mexicana single.

In April, Yahritza Y Su Essencia broke the record for most first week streams worldwide with a 5-track for the Música Mexicana EP. obsessed EP.worldwide music business

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