5 Times You Absolutely Must Hire An SEO Pro

There are a lot of business owners and digital marketing generalists who can handle the daily management of SEO on their own.

Even at the enterprise level, you may have web developers, content creators, and other tasks that support your SEO program.

However, there are some situations that require an experienced SEO professional to resolve.

Trying to tackle major issues on your own can lead to extreme frustration and loss of revenue.

So how do you know when the situation calls for the intervention of an experienced pro?

Here are five times when you absolutely should hire an SEO.

1. Google Search is not indexing your website or pages

Troubleshooting your website missing from Google search results is best done by a professional.

An experienced SEO won’t waste any time and will know what to look for.

It may be a simple oversight not allowing Google to crawl your website or a more complex issue with the structure of your website or url parameter,

It is possible that your content has been plagiarized or that Google thinks it is similar to another page on your site.

There are many different reasons, and an SEO professional can help solve the problem and get your website up and running. indexed And showing up on google.

2. During Site Migration or Redesign

Any time there are major changes to the website’s domain, CMS platform, design layout, navigation, URL structure, etc., there are risks involved.

Placing your website blindly in the hands of a great web designer is never a good idea.

As a business owner, you must understand how changes to your website can affect your organic search traffic.

You will want to consult an SEO expert who handles site migration To achieve a complete breakdown of various requirements and technical demands.

An SEO can help you create a plan to reduce risk, help manage migration, and track traffic anomalies after migration.

3. When Organic Traffic Drops

If you notice that your Google search traffic is going down, would you know what to do?

site traffic drops This can happen for many reasons and most of them can be reversed.

How to fix it isn’t always straightforward, so it’s a good idea to hire an SEO consultant.

This could be a reporting glitch or seasonal trends, an algorithmic change that affects the site at the page level, or a technical issue such as a manual action affecting the site.

A professional SEO will be able to review your search traffic trends and figure out what is the most likely cause of your traffic loss and provide a clear path to correct the drop.

4. To reverse the manual action

If you suspect that organic traffic drops are due to manual action, the first step would be to find out what type of manual action occurred and which pages were affected.

You must fix all issues on all affected pages before submitting them for review review.

A review review will explain the exact quality issues on your site, the efforts and steps you have taken to fix them, and document the outcome of your efforts.

It needs to provide Google with goodwill assurance that this will not happen again, you have turned the corner and will not continue to spam the internet.

All of which needs to be handled with care and by someone with experience navigating manual actions.

5. Not getting results from SEO strategy

Maybe you are working with a junior SEO or a well-known SEO agency and you are not getting the expected results from your organic channel marketing efforts.

Maybe your SEO strategy has worked really well and you have become too busy to dedicate the time required for the lead machine to operate smoothly.

Maybe you’ve been DIY-ing SEO and aren’t enjoying it anymore.

Whatever the reason, if you are unhappy with your current organic strategy, it is time to hire an SEO.

Listen to your intuition, free up mental space, and continue tackling other aspects of your business that spark joy.

Choosing an SEO

I’ve worked in search marketing for over a decade, and during this time, I’ve seen long-term marketers share bad advice and newcomers share really good advice.

I’ve seen people rapidly gain popularity and have known some people who like to fly under the radar.

Therefore, this list would not include years of practice or include any reference to popularity metrics.

However, these six tips will help you choose an SEO that best aligns with your business goals.

1. Clear Communication

Communication is number one. You need to understand what your SEO is recommending, how it will be implemented and how the results will be tracked.

Ask for clarification if something is unclear.

Ultimately, it is your business that is on the line so it is in your best interest to know how a marketer plans to help you.

Google warns That deceptive or deceptive tactics, such as doorway pages or “throwaway” domains, may result in your website being removed from Google’s index.

There is a level of comfort and ease that is felt when you know that someone has your best interest in mind.

Red flags will pop up when you feel like “just a number” and move on quickly without any explanation.

2. Strategy aligns with your business goals

Be prepared to pay upfront for a SEO Audit So the strategy can be tailored to your business goals.

Before you sign a contract or agree to work with someone, you must make sure that their idea is in line with your own idea for your business.

While it is true that marketers cannot promise or otherwise guarantee results, they can define their strategy and goals as a win-win.

For example, let’s say you’re hiring an SEO because the leads your website is currently generating are not good.

If the SEO you chat with clicks on Google Search Console and says, “Hey, you can increase traffic by 300% by bumping this keyword from position seven to position three!” – It’s not a good match.

You don’t want to drive traffic to pages that are generating poor-quality leads.

If the SEO you chat with plans to talk to their sales team to define a good keyword strategy, you now have someone who is listening to your business needs and Working to help you meet goals.

3. Knowledge of SEO

The blanket term for search engine optimization has many different characteristics.

For example, if you are going through a site migration then you are going to be looking for an SEO that has a technical skills,

Whereas, if you were ranking well and have sense loss traffic, you want someone who has a good understanding of organic content strategy to regain your keyword ranking.

Maybe your website is technically sound and you have content that converts well, and now you’re looking for someone with the PR chops to win more backlinks.

Just like when you build an app, the developer needs to be able to code in that language. The SEO hired by you should have knowledge of the type of SEO that your website needs.

4. Cost of Service

Before you start looking, it’s important to set a marketing budget where you can’t expect results for the next six to 12 months.

The cost of SEO services varies greatly depending on the type of service, provider and plan.

in 2022SEO packages are not as common as monthly maintainers.

For local SEO, the price range is between $300 and $1,500 per month, while national or international maintainers fall between $5,000 and $10,000 per month.

Hourly rates for SEO consultants fall between $75 and $1,500 per hour.

5. Expectations

When hiring SEO, be sure to focus on your expectations.

A 2017 study tracked keyword positioning on 2 million pages over the course of a year.

only after a year 5.7% All of the studied pages ranked in the top 10 search results for at least one keyword.

Proving that SEO is a long haul game.

It took two to six months for “Lucky Page” to reach the first page.

In fact, I shouldn’t be calling these pages “lucky” because there was likely an SEO behind the scenes that worked.

6. Ask for References

Whether an SEO is sharing amazing results on social media, or was referred by a friend, or has great case studies – ask for references.

Just like you would when hiring an employee.

When checking references, ask questions to find out if the SEO guidance was helpful and sustainable.

The hallmark of a good SEO is their ability to integrate optimization processes into normal business operations.

You’ll want to make sure the SEO practitioner focuses on long-term wins, not just quick fixes.

FAQs When Hiring SEO

When hiring SEO questions, “How do you improve my website?” are not helpful because they may have a different idea of ​​what “improvement” means to you.

Try to phrase your questions in a way that provides a better idea of ​​whether their processes align with your business objectives.

here are seven questions To ask when hiring SEO:

  1. Can you share any success story where you solved the same problem as mine?
  2. How do you measure the success of your SEO campaign?
  3. How often will I receive campaign updates and analytics?
  4. What are the most important SEO techniques?
  5. Which areas (if any) do you outsource?
  6. What are your fees and payment terms?
  7. What happens when we separate?

final thoughts

Once you have them, a lot of SEO best practices can be handled in-house. basic seo skills More processes exist.

However, there are situations where you’re better off hiring a professional SEO – like site migration or reversing a decline in organic traffic.

During the recruitment process, ensure that ask questions Which will help you find an SEO that aligns with your marketing goals.

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