3 Overlooked Ways To Improve Inbound Marketing ROI

Big campaign goals but a small staff or budget?

Striving to do more with less on your campaigns?

Wish your leads were worth your team’s time?

When mapping out your ideal inbound lead process, it is not enough to generate a lead and hope for the best as you move forward in the inbound process.

On April 20, I moderated a webinar with Colrell guest Ron Browning, IntelliBright’s CEO.

They discussed techniques and case studies to increase campaign ROI with minimum effort and cost.

They also demonstrated how to enhance lead quality using unique methods often overlooked by businesses suffering from under-performing lead management systems.

Here is a summary of the webinar. To access the entire presentation, complete the form,

1. Flowchart Lead Process

Identifying and resolving issues with the business process is the most important part of building a beneficial relationship with prospects.

It doesn’t matter how many leads you generate; If a process is broken, it will never result in optimal income.

3 overlooked ways to improve inbound marketing ROIIntellibright, April 2022

When you improve processes already, it will generate more sales than existing traffic.

Benefits of flowchart the lead process:

  • Enhanced conversions.
  • Improved efficiency – all campaigns.
  • Appropriate source attribution.
  • Improved analytics and reporting integrity.

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2. Create an Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

You can convert inbound phone calls to data, filter non-revenue calls, and optimize revenue opportunities through IVR.

You can also identify actual phone leads and related sources.

To track results, you will need:

  • A phone number on your website.
  • A Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI), which allows you to easily capture paid campaign data.
  • To tag sales opportunities and other call types (HR, Accounting, etc.).

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Benefits of building an IVR:

  • Track sales calls and related sources – Show prices and record all calls.
  • Collect data for all inbound calls (offline and online sources).
  • Increase sales conversions by filtering non-revenue calls away from sales.

How to Create IVR Menu:

  • Prepare a compelling introduction – use a professional voice actor.
  • Identify elements to track – sales, service calls, recruiting.
  • Filter out non-sale opportunities.
  • Set up notifications/alerts.

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3. Track Call Conversions

Tracking lets you optimize campaigns and get results based on Truth Inbound call opportunities.

You will also be able to take advantage of advanced telephony to identify inbound callers interested in revenue-generating events through IVR Choice.

This can be applied to all sources of inbound calls, whether online or offline.

Advantages of Call Tracking:

  • Improved campaign optimization – Filters out existing customers, employees, vendors, robocalls, etc.
  • Get an established actual cost per conversion.

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[Slides] 3 overlooked ways to improve inbound marketing ROI

Here is the presentation:

3 overlooked ways to improve inbound marketing ROI from search engine journal

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