About Food Science and Technology

A number of the successful products which use technology to help us create is food technology. This can be said to be an industry, one of the most successful techs in today’s world. Innovation is important to food tech because it makes it easier to use and also costs less. Another important technology which is … Read more

What Are Science And Technology?

Science is the study of life and how the body and mind function. It is underpinned by the scientific process: from testing data to experiments and data analysis, and then, recommendations. Science is based on experiments and results, and it is usually “group” work, meaning that the research is done by experts in a given … Read more

What is Programming?

Back in their infancy, programming was a term familiar to most graduates in the 1960s. The first known programming used game shows on television (Although this isn’t common. Games like chess, Go, Go, and Go-Go are all written and controlled by man, and have nothing to do with programming). And while programming changed with the … Read more

What is Mechanical Engineering?

according to Rosati Salles (CLU 1804330) in her article “Reasons Why Mechanical Engineering Is in Demand” (2016) mechanical engineering is the system and development of processes through which highly physical objects are produced in a flexible manner. Through understanding the world we live in, it is obvious that things are not mechanical but organic; moving … Read more

Digital Marketing Definition & Examples

“If you do not know how to use these two simple words, then forget what you are doing and go somewhere else and learn.” – Simon Reeve, Author, Brit Entrepreneur I have been in the digital marketing business for many years now and know it inside out. When I was in my early days I … Read more

What Is Blockchain Technology? How Does It Work?

This session discussed blockchain technology and the way in which it can be used to protect digital assets. Blockchain technology can be broken down into 3 main parts, which are as follows: ❄️chain-level encryption & trust ❄️chain-to-chain communication ❄️blockchain-related applications Finally, blockchain, or “digital trust” and “blockchain-related applications”, are the specific phases that led to … Read more

Computer Science | Definition, Fields, & Facts

Internet use has drastically changed the way we live. Phones, laptops, tablets, search engines, and social media services are now commonplace in many households. And in a very short span of time, one can go from using the same phone to a fully automated work environment. The latest popular machine is just a computer. Since … Read more